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Well not really a team but this one is more for the livery, because Red Bull is so succesfull in the car and
motorsport this brand is one of my favorites du to livery and therefore I ollect some of these cars, trucks and planes.
Also our Dutchmen Max Verstappen drives for Red Bull so this also is a very nice link together.



Red Bull Mini


Promotion car driven by
the Red Bull lady's



[LE: 138 of 350 pcs.]

Zivko Edge 540

Red Bull Air Race

Piloted by:
Kirby Chambliss
in 2006 when he became
champion with 38 points.

Max Verstappen

19 races
0 poles
0 won

Best result:
Austin Texas

10th in the
55 points

Car is from the
Malaysian GP
where he scored
his first points




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